It’s Time: 5 Reasons You Should Upgrade HDD Drive To An SSD Now

December 13th, 2021

By Darren Jackson

If you’ve had your computer or external storage for over 3 years, there’s a good chance that the storage being used is an HDD. HDD drives are big, and have an internal disk that spins for data to be written on it (much like a CD). The newest technology for saved data is called an SSD. SSD stands for Solid State Drive. They are the latest, fastest, and strongest data drive in the current market. TechMedic is here to tell you why it’s time for an upgrade from a device that has caused thousands of headaches, tears, and even heartbreak; to a new Solid State Drive.

  1. Size

The physical size of an HDD compared to an SSD is insane! Below you can see the size difference of the two. In regards to their data size, SSD’s can still hold the same, if not more data as the HDD can; in a much more compacted space.

  1. Weight

HDD’s have a ton of hardware compacted in their device to make it so a disk can move at lightning speed inside. This is so the data can be saved properly, but the weight that comes with it is surprising. This also becomes a problem when HDD’s are dropped. That’s a lot of weight falling to the ground!

SSD’s are lightweight, and dropping them isn’t entirely the end of the world. They store data differently, and the parts to do this are minimal. Most of the weight in an SSD is simply the plastic/metal casing it’s being stored inside of.

  1. Moving Components

Like mentioned before, HDDs have moving components when they are powered on. This can cause issues over time when data is being saved and deleted repeatedly on the device. The shelflife of an HDD has been proven to be unreliable, and it’s almost always because the moving parts stop working, or are bumped while running and cause damage to the data.

An SSD has zero moving parts! They work much like a USB thumb drive in regards to storing data. When SSDs first came out, there were worries that their shelf life wasn’t that long either, but they have proven over time that they are the superior option in data storage with faster and safer technology.

  1. Outdated Tech

SSD’s can be the difference in a computer that you need to work faster. HDD’s simply can’t keep up with their speed because the process of moving data is so different. All new computers are made with SSD’s, and most external hard drives have moved to them as well. This is one of those technology jumps that can take your computer to the next level without costing you an arm and a leg. A quick data transfer and Hard drive swap, and your computer will be working at speeds it’s never seen before!

  1. The most common problem

The number one thing TechMedic has been repairing this year are failed Hard Drives! We hate to see customers come in with a failed drive with important data coming in because it’s not working; only to find out the recovery is not only costly, but often not all (sometimes not any) data can be recovered. This is why we encourage our clients to upgrade preemptively to a SSD storage device, before they deal with lost or broken data. 

If you’re ready to upgrade your computer, or have any questions; TechMedic is ready to help!


Darren Jackson


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