8 things TechMedic can do to help you when you need a new computer

January 31st, 2022

By Darren Jackson


Computers are lasting longer, operating more, and doing it faster now more than ever. Computers have become more universal, more user friendly, and a great tool for all ages. With that being said, there comes a time when your computer becomes obsolete, meaning it cannot keep up with present technology and updates; slowing it down to an unusable state or a state slow enough to make you upset. No matter when or where you bought your computer, when you feel that it’s time to upgrade to the next computer, TechMedic can help you with that process. We do more than sell you another computer and wish you best of luck. Here are 8 things TechMedic can do to help you when it’s time for a new computer:


1. We help you find the best computer for you

There are so many computers out there to choose from when trying to buy your next one. TechMedic prides itself in making sure our clients only pay for what they need. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a new or used computer; on a budget or want the best of the best; we will make sure the computer you buy is the computer you want. Deciding to buy a desktop or a laptop, a prebuilt or a custom built, and more are things we can discuss with you and find the best deals to make it happen.


2.Move your critical data from your old computer

Chances are high that you have documents, photos, videos, and more that you have stored on your old device that you don’t want to lose. We will move the important data to the new computer, and leave the junk behind! If you don’t want the old data on the new computer, but still want to keep it, we can also put your data onto a hard drive for you to keep in a safe place. That way you can store it, but still access it if there is ever a time where you need that information.


3. De-Bloat the new system

Operating Systems creators install software on their  PCs at the factory. These creators install it under the guise of helping you out, but mostly they do it to get money from the software makers.  You’re pretty much guaranteed to find extra preloaded software on a retail-bought consumer system. We can “De-Bloat” your computer so that all the unnecessary softwares is not added, and not slowing down your new computer. This literally makes it better than new, and deletes added software that can be annoying, or a distraction.


4. Adding good protection software

TechMedic believes that the security that is already on your device has proven to be very effective. We also believe in being overly careful, and if you’re like us; TechMedic has some awesome options for you to choose from when it comes to being secure. TechMedic has a monthly monitoring software that is a superior form of protection that monitors the computer in real time, and alerts us of any issues. This software is non-invasive and there is no monitoring of your activity, only monitoring of the performance and health of the computer. Please ask us about it! If neither of these options are working for you, we can also suggest and install the best third party antivirus software out there.


5. Download all updates

When you get a new computer, the Operating System will require a large amount of updates. Sometimes these updates can fail, causing your computer to not work properly, or be way slower than intended. There are also other hardware updates that might not download automatically, again, slowing down the computer or causing it to not work right out of the box! TechMedic can take the computer through the original updates, guiding it and monitoring it to make sure everything is updated and working. We use advanced monitoring software to check the computer during the updates, and after the updates.


6. Add any wanted/needed software

New computers are not going to have some of the software that your old computer had that you may have used. If there is any software you need, we can add the latest version of that software for you, and make sure it’s easy to find/access.  


7. Suggest extra hardware (if applicable)

When we get to know our clients, we find out what they use their computer for and how they use it. We have over 15 years of experience working with residential and business clients and have recommended a lot of new hardware to them. Whether we can suggest a second monitor, a certain type of keyboard, or a better router for your wifi so your computer runs faster; we like to ask questions to better help us understand what you need. All information you give us of your situation is valuable!


8. Recycle your old computer

The last thing you want to worry about is what to do with your old computer. Throwing it away is easy, but is not recommended for many reasons. Because of the components in a computer, they are not supposed to be thrown directly in the trash because of harmful materials. Also, if someone were to get the computer and access your data, there could be potential for serious harm if any personal or important data was to be stolen. TechMedic will recycle your computer for you, for free! We will “defrag” your hard drive after your data has been transferred to your new computer, which means to completely destroy the data. Then, we have a professional partnership with a recycle company that will come and get the machine, and make sure all parts that can be recycled are recycled, before sending the rest off to the waste; properly disposing of it.

Buying a new computer can be a stressful task. TechMedic’s goal is to make this process as easy for the client as possible by offering these simple but important fixes and more! If you’re ready to take advantage of the best computer shop in Saint George, please visit or call us!