10 signs that it’s time to call TechMedic

February 8th, 2022

By Darren Jackson


TechMedic has been doing computer repair in Southern Utah for over 15 years! During that time, we’ve noted some key things that are sure signs it’s time to have your computer checked out by a professional, before the issue gets any worse. From simple fixes to big issues, here are 10 signs it’s time to call TechMedic.


1. Windows/OS Updated and now it’s not working like it was

Whether your computer updates on it’s own, or you manually update the computer’s OS system, sometimes these updates can corrupt the OS. This slows down the computer, because the update didn’t install correctly and caused a software issue on your device. This is usually easy to spot because installs are time stamped and are (unfortunately) a common issue with computers. This is a great time to call TechMedic to have your OS looked at, and refreshed!


2. Your computer fans are louder than normal

Over time fans can wear out for various reasons. Sometimes they literally break, and sometimes dirt/dust/debris gets sucked into the computer and causes the fans to be louder than necessary. Although the sound can be super annoying, it’s the last of our worries when a fan goes out. If a fan goes out, it can cause improper air distribution throughout the machine. This causes the computer to overheat and will lead to other hardware breaking, even to the point of losing the entire computer. If you notice a fan not working or being loud, TechMedic can easily address this issue via repair, making sure no other issues are at hand. One thing that really helps fans? Biannual maintenance repair at our shop!


3. There’s been a noticeable change in speed since you first got the computer

Over time, computers will get a little slower as they age, but this should be almost a decade long process, not something that happens overnight. Regardless, if your computer is running slower than when you first got it, TechMedic can address both software and hardware issues that might be holding you back! Whether it’s getting rid of bloatware, or adding some new hardware to beef up the speed, we can work with you to best suit your needs!


4. It won’t even turn on

Although this one is obvious, we wanted to bring some comfort to you if this ever happens! Usually not turning on at all means a hardware issue, so changing out the hardware can fix this really nicely, TechMedic just has to diagnose what hardware is having the issue. Sometimes the cost of repair is not worth fixing the computer, but we can always get your data off of the computer, and put it on a storage device of your choosing for you!


5. A specific application won’t load/open anymore

If there is a specific software not working, there may be a couple reasons for that. TechMedic can diagnose if it’s the software you installed, or the OS having a different issue. Don’t worry if something won’t load up, just give us a call!


6. Your operating system is not the newest version

After a while, OS makers like Windows stop supporting their older versions of the OS. This can cause you issues as time goes on because new software and new security will not be compatible with your device. Many devices can be upgraded to the new OS, but sometimes this means it’s time for a new computer as well because the hardware will not keep up with new software!


7. Your computer randomly shuts off/won’t boot up fully

We call this problem a boot loop! This means the computer is trying to do its job, but something is forcing it to restart or boot over and over to where it can cause other damages to the computer if this continues. This needs immediate attention!


8. Startup and shutdown are slow

Turning on and off your computer shouldn’t be a confusing/long process for your device. If this is happening, something is slowing down your computer and it’s most likely a hardware issue. A thorough diagnostic from TechMedic should determine what is causing the issue!


9. If it’s a laptop – your battery is increasingly hot

Batteries have a shorter life expectancy than your laptop, so battery issues are bound to happen over the time using the computer. If the battery is getting noticeably hotter than normal, PLEASE turn off the device and bring it into TechMedic. When batteries get hot, it’s a sure sign they are failing, but can also be a serious danger to you. Do not try to charge a hot battery and let it cool down before anything happens. Please note: it is normal for batteries to get WARM, but if they get hot, there may be a serious issue that could harm the rest of the computer, or even you! Please bring these computers in. Even if your battery isn’t getting hot, but no longer holds the charge it once did, we may be able to replace it for a new one! Give us a call and we’ll see if we can order a new one for you!


10. You’ve had the computer over 10 years

Computers are lasting longer and longer as the years go by, but most computers’ life expectancy currently is between 6-10 years. If you’ve hit this range, be prepared to replace parts, have some maintenance issues, or get ready to buy a new computer. TechMedic prides itself in keeping computers alive. We do not recommend buying a new one unless we deem it absolutely necessary or if it costs less just to replace it. We are transparent in our work, and appreciate our clients!