5 Reasons You Should Be Using Two Monitor Screens On Your Computer

February 23rd, 2022

By Darren Jackson


Having a dual monitor setup lets users have two screens where multiple applications or windows can be open from a single computer. This creates a broader and more immersive experience in the workplace. Almost all modern computers are capable of dual monitors, so the question remains: what are the benefits?


1. Reduce Downtime

If a single monitor were to go down, the other monitor would typically be able to continue work as long as nothing is wrong with the computer! This keeps the flow of work moving even if something goes wrong with a monitor!


2. Increase workflow

Running multiple windows or applications on two screens allows easy transfer from one to another. This is inherently better for most computer uses, but specifically when needing to drag and drop data from applications. This also cuts down time from switching from one window to another!


3. Optimize performance

Similar to the last, having two monitors allows you to display more content at once, switch between applications, cut window navigation time in half, and view documents side-by-side!


4. Helps maintain focus

Having two monitors literally takes up more focus space in front of you. This makes it easier to be fully immersed into whatever project you have in front of you. Also, the easier it is to use a computer, the faster production can become! Two monitors make things easier.


5. Easy installation and set up

Don’t let the idea of setting up more equipment scare you – setting up a second monitor is super simple. Most computers have two display options in the back – HDMI, VGA, Displayport, DVI, etc. If you’ve already got one display plugged in, find another monitor that shares the same port as the computer has that is open on the display. All you have to do is plug it in and – BOOM! You’re good to go.