5 More Keyboard Shortcuts to make your life easier!

May 11th, 2022

By Darren Jackson

    A couple months ago we went over a few simple keyboard shortcuts, Here are a few more that we think you might like!


    • CTRL + SHIFT + T

    Have you ever been browsing on the web and you accidentally close the tab you meant to just click on instead? I know I have. With this handy shortcut, it will restore a closed browser tab. Talk about a great undo button!


    • CTRL + Z

     While we are talking about Undo buttons, this shortcut is literally just that, an undo button. Mostly used in when typing out documents or emails, etc.


    • CTRL + W

    When you have multiple sites open at once, you can close one at a time by holding down CTRL and W.  This action will cause the tab you are currently on to close and will send you back to the next open tab – no magnifying glass and little ‘X’ button required.


    • TAB and Shift + TAB

    This is one that I personally use a lot. If you are working with a form with a lot of fields, these will certainly come in handy! Pressing the Tab key will navigate to the next field, allowing you breeze through a form or application without moving you hands off the keyboard. Shift + Tab will go back one field, in case you made a typo or otherwise need to edit or add anything else.


    • F2

    The F2 button will allow you to rename a file. There are several reasons why you might want to rename a file, this is just the quickest way to do so. You can even rename multiple files at once if you have more than one highlighted. Every file past the first will have (1), (2), (3), etc. at the end of the file name however.



    • WIN + E

    With this shortcut, it will open up the File Explorer (My Computer / This PC), which will allow you to navigate and search through all your drives and folders. Whether you need to find where you saved a file, or need to delete a file, this will let you get there!