5 Reasons you should consider switching to Linux

June 3rd, 2022

By Darren Jackson

  1. First and foremost, just look at those logos and try to tell me the Penguin isn’t the best.   You can’t.

    What more need I say?


  2. Linux is 100% open-source content


    With Linux being completely open sourced, you can see (if you are so inclined) everything that Linux has/is.  You can go back through all of its iterations if you want.  Why does this matter? Well when it comes to the digital world, I feel like transparency is king.  You can see the ins and outs of the system you are using, whereas with windows or mac everything is completely closed off.  You are at the whims of their developers and have to trust them 100% with everything.   Even if you don’t much care for the source, knowing that there are a lot of people who do is a nice sense of security.  As a result, they will help make yours and everyone else’s experience better by submitting feedback, adding new features, etc.  Not to mention, because its 100% open-sourced, that means it is completely free!

  3.  You can install updates without rebooting your machine

    If you have a windows server, you have to update your software and then reboot the system for it to take effect.  With Linux, you can update pretty much anything without needing a system reboot.  Gone are the days of having to reboot after installing any new software or updating!
  4. You can run Linux with almost any hardware

    In comparison to a Windows or Mac machine, Linux requires so much less.  This includes both different types of hardware as well as a much wider range of age in the hardware.  As windows gets newer, they add so much fluff that needs better and newer hardware just to accommodate it.  With Linux the minimum requirements rarely increase over the years.

  5. Much better peace of mind when it comes to viruses and malware

While Linux isn’t completely immune to viruses or malware, it is quite a bit sturdier against them than Windows or Mac machines.  This is for a couple of reasons.  First is that it is harder to escalate privileges for normal users, second is that most of the software you will download comes from official repositories, and those are thoroughly checked and verified before being put onto those repositories, so they are guaranteed to be safe.