1: Screenshot a specific part of the screen

Windows has a feature called ‘The Snipping Tool” and it can be quite handy!  It lets you grab a controlled piece of the screen to take a ‘screenshot’.   Macs have this feature as well!  The shortcut to use this feature is by hitting Cmd + Shift + 4 at the same time.  From there you can just click and drag to cover the portion of the screen you want to capture.  When you release the click, it will save to the desktop.  Or if you do happen to want the whole screen, Cmd + Shift + 3  just takes a screenshot of the entire screen.


2: The Mac equivalent of Ctrl+Alt+Delete

If you find yourself with a program that isn’t responding and you can’t exit, you can hold Cmd +  Option and press Esc. This brings up the window ‘Force Quit Applications’ which does just that, forces applications to quit. 

3: Start up your Mac silently.

If you have ever used a mac, you have almost certainly heard the iconic chime sound when they first power on.  However, sometimes it is important to not make any noise, such as a classroom or a library, etc.  To do this, simply hold down the Mute key on startup.


4: Convert any kind of unit within Spotlight

Spotlight is used to find things on your Mac as well as search online.  It can also be used to solve some basic queries without needing to open a new window.  One of these basic queries is unit conversion.  Once you have the type of unit you want converted just type it in, for example if you typed ’88 mph’ it would show you several different conversions for that term of measurement.