6 Free Alternatives to Expensive Software

July 21st, 2022

By Darren Jackson


 1: Microsoft Office Versus Libre Office and Open Office

Both Libre and Open Office work exactly like MS Office, they even can read and write and edit Office files with no issues.  And they are of course both completely free.  The biggest con is that they don’t look quite as nice as Microsoft Office, so it will take a little while to get used to the new layout of the UI


2: Adobe Photoshop Versus GIMP

Photoshop is probably the most popular and well known image editing software, and not without good reason.  But having to shell out $240/year for the software can be a little much when all you’re looking to do is a simple image crop.  GIMP has come such a long way that and it is so full featured that if you are a professional, it can actually completely take the place of Photoshop.

3: Adobe Lightroom Versus Darktable

If you use Lightroom to manage your photographs and are looking for a free alternative, consider trying Darktable.  Darktable is an open-source photography application that enables you to enhance and develop raw images.

4: Adobe Illustrator Versus Inkscape

If you do any work with logos, vectors or illustrations, chances are you have heard of Adobe Illustrator if you don’t already use it.  Inkscape is what we suggest for the free alternative on this one.  If you are a good graphic designer, this program can pretty easily take on illustrator in almost every catagory.  The main con with this one is that it has a bit steeper learning curve, so you’ll need to take more time getting used to it.

5:Adobe Audition Versus Audacity
Audacity is a great, free alternative for Audition or Sound Forge.  It lets you record, cut, edit audio files, boost or lower volume on certain tracks, apply hundreds of effects, and tons more.  

6: AutoCAD Versus FreeCAD or LibreCAD
While AutoCAD is the industry standard for any kind of architectural design or engineering, it does have a pretty hefty cost ($1575/year).  If you are just starting out or are more of a hobbyist, these alternatives will be a great place to start.