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St. George Mac Repair

Our technicians are Apple certified to work on all of your Apple devices from iPhones, iPods and Macs.  We specialize in repair of hardware and software of all apple products.

Desktop and Laptop computer repair

St. George Computer Repair

Our Technicians are certified to work on all major manufacturers of laptop and desktop PCs including Toshiba, Dell, HP, Gateway, and more!

smart phone repair

Smart Phone Repair

Smart phones are an expensive investment that no one likes to see break!  Whether your smart phone has a cracked screen or it needs a battery replacement, we can restore your device to working order.

data backup and recovery

Data Backup and Recovery

Viruses are getting smarter, but they can't outsmart us!  We can setup your home or business networks to reliably and safely backup your data in a way that is virus proof!  In the case of missing data, TechMedic can help you there too!

virus and malware removal is a part of computer repair

Virus and Malware Removal

There is nothing more frustrating than being stopped in your tracks by a harmful virus or malware!  Virus and malware removal is of utmost importance to our technicians. We want to keep you safe from any harmful malware that could make your electronics unusable, or breach your personal data!

computer repair from the comfort of your own home

Remote Session Support

We understand the demands of your busy schedule and can save you another trip by offering full featured remote support for your PC's and Macs. Computer repair that comes to you!

Business Accounts

TechMedic is fully equipped to handle all of your tech device repair needs for your business, as well as your home! We currently oversee 10+ local companies and 100+ residents' IT and electronic needs!

network installs and troubleshooting

Network Install and Support

All of our Technicians are Networking experts that can help you with all of your networking needs.  Whether you just need help getting your wifi setup or extending it's range to more rooms of your location, or running physical cables, we can help!