VOIP Plan Pricing


DID Stands for Direct Inbound Dialing, and each DID gives you a unique phone number. DID’s are useful for direct dialing, and for keeping track of your marketing strategies. Additional numbers are only $5/each but discounted to $3/each after 50.


Extensions are hardware or software phones throughout your office. Extensions start at just $28/each up to 19, but decreases to $25 for 20-49. After 50 extensions, the price falls to an extremely competative $21/each.



Call Recording is priced on a per DID basis. All inbound and outbound recordings for each unique DID are stored in the cloud, and made available to you for the low price of $6 a month per DID (number).



Call Analytics are also priced on a per DID basis. For an extra $5 a month per DID you will get call tracking to see where your marketing strategy is working for you, and call analytics that break down your call statistics into charts and graphs that are easy on the eyes.